The CITE Architecture Technology-independent, machine-actionable citation of scholarly resources

CITE Collection Services

The CITE Collection Service protocol defines communication between a client application and a server. Its purpose is to retrieve structured information about objects cited by CITE Object URN.

We are currently revising the formal specification of the protocol, and posting an in-progress draft here (or see the markdown source for the specification in this github repository).

The main focus of the revision is to specify formally two optional forms of annotation:

  1. Extensions for particular types of collections. Extensions define either or both of:
    • type-specific requests (such as retrieval of special types of binary data)
    • extended citation, defining a type-specifice subreference (such as identification of a region on a spatial object)
  2. For collections that systematically analyze a text, how the collection aligns with the analyzed text. (See “aligning texts and analyses in the CITE architecture”.)