The CITE Architecture Technology-independent, machine-actionable citation of scholarly resources

A new project: citeservlet, second generation

We are beginning work on a new project. cs2 is more than just a a second version of the original citeservlet: it is a ground-up redesign resulting from a rethinking of how the abstract models of the CITE architecture could be expressed in network services and exposed to the internet as an RDF graph. It addition to new implementations of familiar data models like the OHCO2 model of texts, it includes the new ORCA model describing how citable analyses of texts can be related to the OHCO2 semantics of the texts they analyze.

In terms of the practical organization of the project, we are developing cs2 as a single gradle build, with subprojects building each of the CITE services. We will be posting notes here as we progress with different parts of cs2.